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Add Movement And Volume To Hair

Go for the right cut

A bob or layered cut can give an illusion of much more volume, so do consult your hairdresser for advice on cutting and styling. Be sure to get the ends trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks. That removes split ends and gives the hair lots more natural movement.

Feed your hair when you feed your body

Eat a diet rich in protein and calcium to boost natural hair growth and volume. Dairy products, poultry, beans and pulses and green leafy vegetables like cabbage and sprouts rank as the top hair healthy foods. Vitamins A, C, and E, and the B group of vitamins are also vital for healthy hair. Eat a varied diet, with lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. That really is the best natural boost you can give to dull, lifeless hair.

Massage the scalp

Massage helps to boost the circulation and therefore stimulates blood flow to the scalp. So the nutrients you’re eating for overall health will find their way to your scalp and hair follicles.

Sun Kissed Look

Pay Attention to All the Details

In our efforts to ditch the heavy make up during summer, we tend to skip certain steps and focus mainly on our skin. Instead, remember to pay as much attention to your lips and eyes as you would to your face. Skip the foundation as it will only block your pores and may even form a glossy coat on your face due to the heat. Instead use just a concealer for your eyes if required and finish with some powdered mineral make up that helps achieve the same look.

Get a Flawless Finish

To have that ideal summer glow on your face, use some wrinkle correcting eye cream to make them appear less fatigued or a hydrating cream or serum that will help in hiding your puffiness and fine lines. Use a bronzer to add some shine and finish with long lasting kohl or liner and give yourself a minimalistic look. Use a coloured liner for an outing to give your eyes a slight pop.

Lip Care

The sun and

Remove Scars

There are a number of professional methods that you can use to get rid of scars. One of the most common methods is seeing a dermatologist. Here you need to visit a dermatologist who will tell you the type of scars that you have. The dermatologist will also guide you on some of the prescription methods available. Some of the great methods that you can use include: peels, laser surgery, and steroid injections.

Other than visiting the dermatologist, you can also consider dermabrasion. Here the surgeon takes a wire brush or a diamond wheel with rough edges and gets rid of the top layers of the skin. The procedure causes you to bleed and as the skin heals, new skin forms which is usually free of scars.

If you have burns, long scars, or abnormally healed scars, you should go for surgical scar revision. The surgery aids in removing the scar and as a result a delicate and less obvious scar is left.

If you don’t have money to afford the professional healing methods, you can make use

Cute Nail Design

1. Half-Moon Nails

These consist of leaving the half moon at the base of the nail bare, while designing and coordinating the colors above it. Colors that compliment each other are vital in giving the utmost effect, for examples, blues with blue tones or silver, or in contrast red with red tones or gold. These are simply color schemes, but leave the Half-moon bare.

2. Floral Nails

These can be designed by choosing the preferred base color. While you can apply decals that are floral, it is just as simple to add daisies or other similar flowers that can be completed on top of the base coat by means of simple dots and streaks. They are gorgeous attention grabbers.

3. Glitter Nails

Very simple and effective. By choosing a coordinating base-coat, you are able to choose a glitter topping that will accent the base coat and your clothing color scheme as well. You are free to choose whatever colors you like, which will allow you to showcase your style and personality.

While many designs now days may be done with air-brushed techniques, it is very important to remember that you are able

About Foods For Great Skin

If you love fruits then you are going to be thrilled about this. Strawberries are actually great for your skin. Strawberries have tons of vitamin C. When you eat strawberries, you are protecting your skin from the effects of aging. A study showed that people who ate foods loaded with vitamin C have less wrinkles, and healthier looking skin.

Broccoli is also a great promoter of skin health. It has a large amount of vitamin E in it. The vitamin E in broccoli will help protect your skin, and, keeps it soft. It also has the benefits of keeping your skin protected from UV rays. Sun damage is a common occurrence if you are outdoors often. If you are planning, an outdoor trip, such as camping, be sure to eat your broccoli!

Carrots are a great snacking option for healthy skin. When you eat carrots, you will be ingesting vitamin A. This vitamin will help your skin healthy and fresh looking. It repairs damaged cells and keeps your face looking vibrant and soft. It is great for protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. They are a low calorie snack that you can

Glycerin Soaps

All Natural

One of the benefits of using glycerin soaps, especially handmade ones, is that they are completely natural, with no synthetic ingredients added during the manufacturing process.

Sensitive Skin

Because of the organic nature, they are most beneficial to people with sensitive skin. Synthetic ingredients can create skin complications and irritate formant skin problems.

Glycerin soap, on the other hand, can be used for even the most sensitive skin, even with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. They do not irritate the skin or create negative reactions like normal soap does.


Glycerin is known to be a great humectant, in other words, it can attract moisture.

Due to this feature, these soaps attract moisture to the skin, keep it locked in, and provide a constant hydration to the skin.

Unlike some soaps that dry out the skin and make it feel tight and flaky, glycerin soaps keep the skin hydrated for several hours after use.

Using glycerine soaps regularly can help your skin become silky soft and supple.

Healthy Skin

By keeping your skin well moisturized, you can create the foundation for a healthy skin.

Applying Strip Eyelashes

1. Measuring and Cutting the Lash

You can buy strip eyelashes from your local drugstore, grocery store or anywhere where makeup is sold. They can come in pairs or sets of five to ten. They are basically a one size that fits all and are made longer than what you require; hence you need to cut them to the length that’s right for you.

To do this, hold the strips to your eyelid (just like how you would when you’ll apply it) in order to determine how much you’ll need to cut off. After which, employ scissors to cut it to a size that’s right for you.

2. Applying the Adhesive

Apply a thin ribbon of eyelash adhesive or glue along the lash band. Wait for a few minutes until it becomes tacky. Note that it shouldn’t be drippy. To ensure that you’re not using too much adhesive, employ a toothpick in applying glue.

3. Applying the Lash

With one hand, hold down your eyelid and use your other hand to press the strip to your lash base. You can also employ a toothpick or tweezers for nudging the strip into place.

Jojoba Oil

The conference held at the University of Arizona in 1986 started the hype about the applications and benefits from the oil of the jojoba plant. The seed undergoes extraction procedure so that the essential oil may be obtained. It is to be noted that even the bean through which the seeds are sourced out has beneficial health effects. The chemical compound known as Leptin which is present in the bean reduces the body’s desire for food. This is why it is popular among weight loss enthusiasts. It also has HDL which is good for the regulation of blood pressure.

One of the most interesting things now is that if labels of health and wellness products will be examined, it is normal to find this oil among the ingredients list. Examples of these products are face creams, anti-wrinkle rubs, herbal ointments, hair and skin moisturizers, acne solutions, and more.

However, there is an issue that might alarm consumers. The seed of jojoba plant can have toxicity levels that are considered fatal to mammals. In fact, minute amounts of wax obtained from it have the power of a laxative. The good news is that the harmful effect would

Apple Night Cream

Working as skin’s natural moisturizer, olive oil works in delaying aging effects on skin because of its healthy content of antioxidants and fats. Rose water, for its part, is one awesome beauty agent because it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It’s effective in maintaining the pH balance of skin, healing of scars, calming acne and revitalizing skin that’s aging. As an added bonus, it comes with a pleasant smell too.

So the ingredients to prepare are simply one apple, some olive oil and rose water. Along with these, you will be needing the following from your kitchen: A bowl, a mixing spoon, a knife, a blender, a double boiler and a container whether in glass or plastic.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Slice your apple in two equal parts.
  • Take out the seeds.
  • Chop both halves into little pieces.
  • Put all chopped pieces into your blender.
  • Mix one half cup of olive oil.
  • Blend the mixture for a duration of 5-7 minutes. Continue until you see it having a thick and smooth consistency.
  • Pour into the double boiler. Allow to heat for some minutes or specifically, until it becomes warm enough.
  • Take your mixture out from the boiler and let it

Looking Ten Years Younger

1. Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are:

People who use age as the reason for why they are fat, are denying that they are fat because they eat, think, and move like a fat, old, person. Studies have shown that men and women even in their golden years were able to gain muscle tone in just a matter of weeks of simple weight training.

2. Forget Low Fat Diets:

As they have pointed out, if these fad diets really were to work, we wouldn’t have so many people lose the weight just to gain back more and we also wouldn’t have so many obese people as we do now. Characteristics of people on low fat diets look drawn, gaunt, and weak, and are often sick. Low Fat Diets do not reverse the aging process.

3. Avoid Chronic Dehydration:

Water burns fat, suppresses hunger in your skin. Drinking pure water every day can take a few years off your face in a matter of weeks, drop fat, give you more energy, and save your kidneys and liver from chronic overwork. Your liver is fat burning organ and the water will keep it

Have a Flawless Wedding Makeup

1. Less is More.

Remember this golden rule. Even if there may be some makeup artists who advise that wearing more than the usual makeup is what will give your features emphasis on camera, don’t get easily swayed. According to Westman, lesser foundation is the way to go because the high definition cameras we have today captures caked-on makeup.

For your eyes, cheeks and lips, it’s best to wear the makeup which makes you feel most confident and at ease. So if you’re used to neutral lippies, don’t wear a bold color on your wedding day. However, if you’ve always been known for your luscious red lips, then by all means, wear it as you take your wedding vows.

2. Make a Perfect Canvas.

A bridal look needs to achieve a luminous effect. Of course, light foundation and concealers are your basic makeup gears; however, don’t neglect that highlights can do. If just placed well, it can really make your skin glow. Westman recommends a pearlescent highlight if you have fair skin and a warmer or golden shade for darker tones. Employ highlighter in the lower waterlines as well as your eye’s inner corners,

MakeUp for Women in 40s

1. Keep in mind that Less is More.

As you age, what makes you look attractive is actually an understated look. The goal is to look more naturak; hence, you need to tone your makeup down. If you used to apply quite a lot of concealer or foundation, it’s time to do the opposite now. To make both lighter, try mixing it with a little moisturizer.

Your skin texture also changes as you get older. If you’re wearing heavy makeup, it will most likely settle on your fine lines and pores, making them look all the more prominent. Don’t use too much eyeliner as this makes you look even more old.

2. Glitter is a No-No.

While it may have been great during your 20’s to early 30’s it can only make you look harsh now at the age of 40 and up. So whether you’re applying eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, stick to natural colors.

3. Don’t Buy Youthful Looking Products.

There are certain colors that suit every age. For example, bright colors look great on teenagers but really awful on adult women. Refrain from wearing bright eyeshadows or mascara and replace

Korean Women Do Their Makeup


Whether it be on pencil, liquid or gel form, black eyeliners are a must to Korean makeup as this is what they use to enhance their eyes and make it look bigger. For an everyday fresh but subtle look, they tightline their eyes. Tightlining means lining those spaces between your lashes or lining as close as you possibly could to your lash line.

This method will do wonders in making your eyes look larger, brighter and definitely younger. It will also create what is dubbed as the “invisible” eye makeup that has, most likely, left you baffled as to how Koreans have seemingly defined eyes but actually look like they’re not wearing eye makeup at all.

Except if they are actresses doing concerts and performances, Korean women rarely wear dark and bold eyeshadows. They always go for more neutral colors, champagne shades or just light shimmers for highlighting their lids. At times, they would even opt to not put any.


When it comes to eyebrow grooming, Koreans follow a different style. It’s worthwhile to mention that their method is actually getting popular and is currently dubbed as “Korean brows”. Their usual

Soothing Sensitive Skin

Avoid using chemicals

Synthetic skin products contain many harsh chemicals that can cause your skin to dry. These products are then subjected to a process, known as ethoxylation, which can reduce the hardness of the chemicals. In turn, 1, 4-Dioxane is produced, a known cause of cancer. The best substitute to all these chemicals is to use products which contain natural ingredients and are less likely to be toxic.

Stay clear of products containing fragrance

Any skin product which contains fragrance should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. Even if the fragrance is natural, your skin may develop an allergic reaction against it. The same can also be said for essential oils.

Use neutral, fragrance-free cleansers and toners

Commercial cleansers and toners are alkaline based and will make your sensitive skin drier and more irritated. As such, you should use a cleanser that does not contain any strong chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate or any fragrances. As for the toner, go for one that has no drying alcohol in it. After all, the less dry your skin is, the younger it appears.

Apply only a few products

Eyes Made Bigger

1. Groom your eyebrows

Whoever said that unkempt eyebrows are OK should definitely take the highway. Really, unkempt eyebrows are very unflattering-for men and women alike! Make sure to keep your eyebrows in good shape. Invest in salon trips at scheduled intervals to keep them groomed. If you are confident about your grooming skills, then you can go ahead and groom your brows yourself. Just make sure to follow your eyes’ natural shape, and you’ll do fine.

2. Conceal dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles definitely make you look older, if not tired. Technically, concealing these circles does not really make your eyes appear bigger. But we all know that dark circles can grab anyone’s attention. It’s better to conceal them, rather than have someone check out your eyes for the wrong reasons.

3. White eye shadow is better

Even makeup artists would give you this tip. White eye shadow gives the illusion of eyes that are wide open. Make sure to use white eye shadow or white eye pencil near your tear ducts. Your tear ducts are on the inner corner of your eyes, by the way. If you do not

Find Right Permanent Makeup

Before you run out and have eyebrows tattooed onto your face you need to consider how often you apply eyebrow makeup. Many women never pluck their eyebrows so for them having eyebrows tattooed onto their face would be a waste of money. Some women pluck their eyebrows off completely and the draw them back on, and some women merely have their brows shaped. If you do not completely remove your natural brows and then draw them back using an eyebrow pencil then tattooing them on permanently is not for you.

Lip liner is something that most women use when they apply their lipstick before they go out. Lip liner works like the outlines you once drew on your coloring pages before filling in the color. The outline color makes the lips look fuller, and more inviting. For many women putting their lip liner on is a hassle, because if you do not get this product on perfectly straight you will look funny. Having the lip liner put on as a permanent makeup product would keep the women from ever having crooked lips because their hands were shaking when they applied their makeup.

Lip liner makes sense

DIY Face Masks

1. Hydrating Honey Mask

If your skin has been feeling dry and dull from overworking or harsh weather all you need is something that will moisturize your skin.

Ingredients You Need:




Mix these ingredients well and leave it on your face for 15-30 minutes. Let the ingredients soak into your skin well. Wash it off and you will see noticeably smooth and bright skin.

2. Fight That Acne

Acne can result from pollution that can clog your pores, therefore, triggering your skin to breakout. Don’t worry because you can easily dry them off within days.

Ingredients You Need:




This is one of the oldest DIY secrets in history for clear skin. If you have acne prone or oily skin, this face pack will take care of it. Yogurt has anti-bacterial properties whereas turmeric dries out acne thus eliminating them. On the other hand, lemon will lighten any previous acne scars and make your skin look bright and fair.

3. Tighten Those Pores

Pores can be a real source of distress. They are difficult to hide even with

Vaser Lipo

Liposuction, which is also known as ‘lipoplasty’, or simply ‘vaserlipo’, is a cosmetic surgery which removes stubborn fat from different sites of the human body. VASER stands for ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’ uses third generation of ultrasound energy to get rid of the extra flab.

Vaser lipo is an advanced form of body contouring technique that selectively removes the unwanted body fat. Rather than laser it uses ultrasound waves to target the fatty cells of the body. Before it is taken out of the body the fat is broken and melted. Then it is taken out of the body with the help of a ‘cannula’. This is done in such a way that it does not affect the surrounding blood vessels or connective tissues.

It was first introduced in March 2001; and till date more than 100,000 procedures have been carried out in countries across the globe and with no reports of adverse effects till now. With the improved and advanced technique of vaser liposuction or vaser lipo became a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Moreover, in September 2002, the technique has acquired clearance from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United

Best Haircuts

Although some individuals may be fortunate enough to appear attractive with any hairstyle, the norm is to choose the haircuts that emphasize some features while obscuring others. Beauty and attractiveness has been described as being subjective, but observations have shown that one of the common traits of persons considered as beautiful is having facial symmetry.

The shape of the face is not as important, but in order to choose the best haircuts, it is important to know the shape of your face. Every face is different, but there a 4 common shapes in which the shape of your face can be classified. The basic shapes are rounding, heart-shaped, square or oval. If you need a little help in deciding the shape of your face, it may be wise to remember that an oval shape would be a bit longer that it is wide. A heart-shaped face would have a narrow chin.

After you have decided the shape of your face, choosing which of the latest hairstyles that will suit your type of face requires some thought. If your face is round, you should adopt a less big hair look and go for styles that frame your

Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Procedures


  • naturally, lashes are too fair / faint in color
  • correction of sparse or missing lashes
  • reduction or elimination of daily “prep”-time, adding valuable time otherwise lost to applying, correcting, removing, etc. make-up.
  • eye conditions which may prevent or inhibit effective use of traditional make-up
  • active lifestyle, and activities like swimming / water-sports without the need to worry about effects on make-up
  • unsteady, shaky hands could prevent application of make-up on a daily basis
  • eliminating of smudging, smearing, running make-up products, so-called “racoon”-eyes, etc.
  • elimination of adverse allergic reactions to certain cosmetic products and/or ingredients
  • correct or improve certain skin conditions, abnormalities or imperfections (genetic, or medical)


(procedure to increase collagen production in the skin, improving tone and elasticity)

  • diminish or reduce the appearance of lines and / or wrinkles (“anti-aging”)
  • non-surgical skin-tightening
  • treat scars (e.g. caused by acne, surgery, burns, mole removals, etc.)
  • improve the appearance of stretch-marks
  • tattoo-removal

Micro-needling works by treating not only superficial layers, but also deeper layers of the skin without damaging or removing any upper layers. The body responds to this treatment by the production of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as new capillaries (blood vessels) to improve blood circulation, which