DIY Face Masks

1. Hydrating Honey Mask

If your skin has been feeling dry and dull from overworking or harsh weather all you need is something that will moisturize your skin.

Ingredients You Need:




Mix these ingredients well and leave it on your face for 15-30 minutes. Let the ingredients soak into your skin well. Wash it off and you will see noticeably smooth and bright skin.

2. Fight That Acne

Acne can result from pollution that can clog your pores, therefore, triggering your skin to breakout. Don’t worry because you can easily dry them off within days.

Ingredients You Need:




This is one of the oldest DIY secrets in history for clear skin. If you have acne prone or oily skin, this face pack will take care of it. Yogurt has anti-bacterial properties whereas turmeric dries out acne thus eliminating them. On the other hand, lemon will lighten any previous acne scars and make your skin look bright and fair.

3. Tighten Those Pores

Pores can be a real source of distress. They are difficult to hide even with makeup on because your make will start to look flaky after a while if you have big pores on your skin. You can try a DIY Mask to tighten them and restore baby-soft skin.

Ingredients You Need

Egg White


Mix these ingredients well and leave them on your face until they dry. Then you can either wash it off or peel it off depending on the consistency of the mask. Egg white will tighten pores as well as remove impurities and blackheads that will give you a naturally flawless glow up!

4. Congested Skin

Congested skin can result in acne breakouts consistently. It can be caused due to an unhealthy diet, improper sleeping pattern or warm weather. But there is a face mask for everything when you DIY it.

Ingredients You Need

Rose Water

Aloe Vera


Mix these ingredients and after washing your face with your usual cleanser put the mixture on your face. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off. Do this every other day if your skin is very problematic otherwise you can do this every once in a week. It will allow your skin to cool down and release toxins that are causing congestion.

Vaser Lipo

Liposuction, which is also known as ‘lipoplasty’, or simply ‘vaserlipo’, is a cosmetic surgery which removes stubborn fat from different sites of the human body. VASER stands for ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’ uses third generation of ultrasound energy to get rid of the extra flab.

Vaser lipo is an advanced form of body contouring technique that selectively removes the unwanted body fat. Rather than laser it uses ultrasound waves to target the fatty cells of the body. Before it is taken out of the body the fat is broken and melted. Then it is taken out of the body with the help of a ‘cannula’. This is done in such a way that it does not affect the surrounding blood vessels or connective tissues.

It was first introduced in March 2001; and till date more than 100,000 procedures have been carried out in countries across the globe and with no reports of adverse effects till now. With the improved and advanced technique of vaser liposuction or vaser lipo became a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Moreover, in September 2002, the technique has acquired clearance from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States for body contouring.

Vaser lipo is performed in a sterile environment such as a hospital, body clinic. Doctors can prescribe whether to go for IV sedation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The body areas on which this surgery can be performed are upper and lower abdomen, back, male chest, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, chin and neck, knees, calves, ankles and so on.


1. Firstly, the targeted fatty area is injected with a ‘tumescent fluid’.
2. The fluid helps in shrinking the surrounding blood vessels and numbing the area.
3. It then becomes easy for removing the fat cells and lowers the risk of blood loss and bruising.
4. Small incisions are made into the body in between the layer of muscle and skin, through which thin tubes/probes are inserted.
5. High frequency ultrasound waves are transmitted through the probes which help in loosening the fat cells without disturbing the connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels.
6. The liquefied fat cells are then removed from the body by means of special suction tubes known as ‘cannula’.
7. Depending on the number of areas to be treated, vaser lipo procedure takes several hours.

Out of the various forms of liposuction, arm liposuction is quiet popular among the youth. They specially go for Arm liposuction and Gynecomastia.

Ideal Candidate:

• The candidates who are ideal for this liposuction surgery should have good skin tone and elasticity as it helps the skin to molds into new contours.
• People with loose skin elasticity may end up with loose-looking skin in areas where the procedure was done.
• The patient needs to be in good health; people with blood problems, such as coronary artery disease, diabetes, as well as those with weakened immune systems should not undergo liposuction.
• Candidates should be over the age of 18 years

Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction can help you to get rid of sagging fats from beneath your arm. To get rid of the sagging fat in the lower arms as well, this surgery is done. As it distracts the overall look and women are especially self-conscious about it. Men are also not far behind about their looks either.


Instead of an incision, a narrow ‘cannula’ is inserted into the skin; which melts and dissolves the fat around the arms. Then this fat is sucked out. The time taken for the entire surgery in this case is around one-two hours. The patient is administered withlocal anaesthesia. The result of this surgery includes lesser scarring and swelling.

If the upper arms carry huge amounts of fat in them, then one can go for Brachioplasty. It is always advisable to consult a surgeon or a G.P. in order to know what procedure you should go for, before actually deciding it yourself.

Pros and Cons of Arm Liposuction:

The advantages are as follows:

• Recovery time is very fast and it helps you to get toned arms.
• Tissue tightening with coagulation.
• Minimal trauma.
• Areas with lax skin can be treated easily
• Less chances of complication.

The only disadvantages are as follows:

• The skin elasticity may be affected as the sagging skin cannot be removed.
• Minor scarring can happen.

Best Haircuts

Although some individuals may be fortunate enough to appear attractive with any hairstyle, the norm is to choose the haircuts that emphasize some features while obscuring others. Beauty and attractiveness has been described as being subjective, but observations have shown that one of the common traits of persons considered as beautiful is having facial symmetry.

The shape of the face is not as important, but in order to choose the best haircuts, it is important to know the shape of your face. Every face is different, but there a 4 common shapes in which the shape of your face can be classified. The basic shapes are rounding, heart-shaped, square or oval. If you need a little help in deciding the shape of your face, it may be wise to remember that an oval shape would be a bit longer that it is wide. A heart-shaped face would have a narrow chin.

After you have decided the shape of your face, choosing which of the latest hairstyles that will suit your type of face requires some thought. If your face is round, you should adopt a less big hair look and go for styles that frame your face. The preferred cut may be medium to long, with a few layers and tapered ends. The longest layer should not go past your chin, and the shorter layer should be below your ears. Your round features can be offset with layered or angled bobs. A suitable alternative may be a pixie cut that emphasizes your cheekbones. If your face is square, you can look at styles that accentuate your cheeks, or flowing styles with a center part.

If you have no clue as to what the latest hairstyles are, or what you can choose to help you look your best, there are few places where you can look in addition to discussion with your friends of professional hairstylist.

Some of the most obvious places are pictures in the media, such as television and print magazines, and also on the web. Many of your favorite celebrities’ post pictures of themselves, and you are invited to follow them to keep updated of their activities.

You can begin by identifying a person with the facial shape that may be similar to your own. This may be difficult, and some help may be needed. You may need to discuss the ideas with your hairstylist, who may be able to improve the chosen style and you may be look better than your favorite celebrity. The only difference being that you may not be as well known.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Procedures


  • naturally, lashes are too fair / faint in color
  • correction of sparse or missing lashes
  • reduction or elimination of daily “prep”-time, adding valuable time otherwise lost to applying, correcting, removing, etc. make-up.
  • eye conditions which may prevent or inhibit effective use of traditional make-up
  • active lifestyle, and activities like swimming / water-sports without the need to worry about effects on make-up
  • unsteady, shaky hands could prevent application of make-up on a daily basis
  • eliminating of smudging, smearing, running make-up products, so-called “racoon”-eyes, etc.
  • elimination of adverse allergic reactions to certain cosmetic products and/or ingredients
  • correct or improve certain skin conditions, abnormalities or imperfections (genetic, or medical)


(procedure to increase collagen production in the skin, improving tone and elasticity)

  • diminish or reduce the appearance of lines and / or wrinkles (“anti-aging”)
  • non-surgical skin-tightening
  • treat scars (e.g. caused by acne, surgery, burns, mole removals, etc.)
  • improve the appearance of stretch-marks
  • tattoo-removal

Micro-needling works by treating not only superficial layers, but also deeper layers of the skin without damaging or removing any upper layers. The body responds to this treatment by the production of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as new capillaries (blood vessels) to improve blood circulation, which leads to a healthier plumping of the skin, and better overall appearance. Any part of the body covered by skin can be treated, not just the face and neck. Treatments should be no less than 4 weeks apart. (sometimes, I may recommend 6-8 weeks, depending on the case).