Korean Women Do Their Makeup


Whether it be on pencil, liquid or gel form, black eyeliners are a must to Korean makeup as this is what they use to enhance their eyes and make it look bigger. For an everyday fresh but subtle look, they tightline their eyes. Tightlining means lining those spaces between your lashes or lining as close as you possibly could to your lash line.

This method will do wonders in making your eyes look larger, brighter and definitely younger. It will also create what is dubbed as the “invisible” eye makeup that has, most likely, left you baffled as to how Koreans have seemingly defined eyes but actually look like they’re not wearing eye makeup at all.

Except if they are actresses doing concerts and performances, Korean women rarely wear dark and bold eyeshadows. They always go for more neutral colors, champagne shades or just light shimmers for highlighting their lids. At times, they would even opt to not put any.


When it comes to eyebrow grooming, Koreans follow a different style. It’s worthwhile to mention that their method is actually getting popular and is currently dubbed as “Korean brows”. Their usual eyebrows are actually bushy, tousled and very straight. It’s amazing how they can pull off brows like this and still look stunning. The straight eyebrow in particular can give you a look of youthful innocence that’s just great for defining your eyes.


Korean women are known for small but plump lips. Notice that most of them have lips that are light in color. Very popular among them are the “just bitten” look which they apply using lip tints (berry color), creating a natural and cute pout. Likewise, they like wearing matte lippies in peach and pink colors.

Soothing Sensitive Skin

Avoid using chemicals

Synthetic skin products contain many harsh chemicals that can cause your skin to dry. These products are then subjected to a process, known as ethoxylation, which can reduce the hardness of the chemicals. In turn, 1, 4-Dioxane is produced, a known cause of cancer. The best substitute to all these chemicals is to use products which contain natural ingredients and are less likely to be toxic.

Stay clear of products containing fragrance

Any skin product which contains fragrance should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. Even if the fragrance is natural, your skin may develop an allergic reaction against it. The same can also be said for essential oils.

Use neutral, fragrance-free cleansers and toners

Commercial cleansers and toners are alkaline based and will make your sensitive skin drier and more irritated. As such, you should use a cleanser that does not contain any strong chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate or any fragrances. As for the toner, go for one that has no drying alcohol in it. After all, the less dry your skin is, the younger it appears.

Apply only a few products on your skin with the fewest ingredients

When you use more products with more ingredients, it just means you are applying a lot of substances to your skin. Should an irritation or allergic reaction develop, it will be difficult to figure out the exact ingredient which is causing the condition. As such, stick to certain products only which do not contain many ingredients.

Do not use colors or dyes

Colors and dyes may contain tar, which is toxic in nature. Any products which contain these must not be used.

Apply soothing substances to your skin

Soothing substances make your skin less dry and decrease the symptoms associated with skin conditions. These include almond oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, and shea butter. You can also use calendula or chamomile for the same purpose. Hyaluronic acid is also a great choice because it softens and moisturizes your skin.

Eyes Made Bigger

1. Groom your eyebrows

Whoever said that unkempt eyebrows are OK should definitely take the highway. Really, unkempt eyebrows are very unflattering-for men and women alike! Make sure to keep your eyebrows in good shape. Invest in salon trips at scheduled intervals to keep them groomed. If you are confident about your grooming skills, then you can go ahead and groom your brows yourself. Just make sure to follow your eyes’ natural shape, and you’ll do fine.

2. Conceal dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles definitely make you look older, if not tired. Technically, concealing these circles does not really make your eyes appear bigger. But we all know that dark circles can grab anyone’s attention. It’s better to conceal them, rather than have someone check out your eyes for the wrong reasons.

3. White eye shadow is better

Even makeup artists would give you this tip. White eye shadow gives the illusion of eyes that are wide open. Make sure to use white eye shadow or white eye pencil near your tear ducts. Your tear ducts are on the inner corner of your eyes, by the way. If you do not have white eye shadow or eye pencil, you can use another light color.

Find Right Permanent Makeup

Before you run out and have eyebrows tattooed onto your face you need to consider how often you apply eyebrow makeup. Many women never pluck their eyebrows so for them having eyebrows tattooed onto their face would be a waste of money. Some women pluck their eyebrows off completely and the draw them back on, and some women merely have their brows shaped. If you do not completely remove your natural brows and then draw them back using an eyebrow pencil then tattooing them on permanently is not for you.

Lip liner is something that most women use when they apply their lipstick before they go out. Lip liner works like the outlines you once drew on your coloring pages before filling in the color. The outline color makes the lips look fuller, and more inviting. For many women putting their lip liner on is a hassle, because if you do not get this product on perfectly straight you will look funny. Having the lip liner put on as a permanent makeup product would keep the women from ever having crooked lips because their hands were shaking when they applied their makeup.

Lip liner makes sense for women that wear lipstick frequently. Many women wear it every day, but women who seldom wear lipstick would not benefit from having lip liner tattooed on their lips. Consider the frequency in which you wear lipstick, and what the lip liner is going to look like on the days you choose not to wear makeup, before you decide to have this procedure done.

Some women have their eyeliner put on as permanent makeup to keep them from having to draw it on each day when they did their makeup. The permanent eyeliner looks wonderful, and can be tattooed on the upper, and the lower eyelids. Any woman that has ever gotten almost finished applying their makeup and then had to wash most of it away because she put her eyeliner on crooked could appreciate having this type of makeup put on permanently.

Having eyeliner put on as a permanent fixture on your face does not make sense unless you normally wear this type of product every day. If you go without makeup products frequently then you may want to think twice before you get eyeliner tattooed onto your eyelids.