Apple Night Cream

Working as skin’s natural moisturizer, olive oil works in delaying aging effects on skin because of its healthy content of antioxidants and fats. Rose water, for its part, is one awesome beauty agent because it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It’s effective in maintaining the pH balance of skin, healing of scars, calming acne and revitalizing skin that’s aging. As an added bonus, it comes with a pleasant smell too.

So the ingredients to prepare are simply one apple, some olive oil and rose water. Along with these, you will be needing the following from your kitchen: A bowl, a mixing spoon, a knife, a blender, a double boiler and a container whether in glass or plastic.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Slice your apple in two equal parts.
  • Take out the seeds.
  • Chop both halves into little pieces.
  • Put all chopped pieces into your blender.
  • Mix one half cup of olive oil.
  • Blend the mixture for a duration of 5-7 minutes. Continue until you see it having a thick and smooth consistency.
  • Pour into the double boiler. Allow to heat for some minutes or specifically, until it becomes warm enough.
  • Take your mixture out from the boiler and let it cool.
  • Once cooled enough, add in one half cup of rose water.
  • Then transfer it to your glass or plastic container for storage.

To use, simply cleanse your face and neck then pat dry. Use your fingers to apply the cream on your skin gently, rubbing it in upward strokes with circular movements. Allow the mixture to stay on your skin overnight. Wash off with water that’s lukewarm the morning after.

Looking Ten Years Younger

1. Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are:

People who use age as the reason for why they are fat, are denying that they are fat because they eat, think, and move like a fat, old, person. Studies have shown that men and women even in their golden years were able to gain muscle tone in just a matter of weeks of simple weight training.

2. Forget Low Fat Diets:

As they have pointed out, if these fad diets really were to work, we wouldn’t have so many people lose the weight just to gain back more and we also wouldn’t have so many obese people as we do now. Characteristics of people on low fat diets look drawn, gaunt, and weak, and are often sick. Low Fat Diets do not reverse the aging process.

3. Avoid Chronic Dehydration:

Water burns fat, suppresses hunger in your skin. Drinking pure water every day can take a few years off your face in a matter of weeks, drop fat, give you more energy, and save your kidneys and liver from chronic overwork. Your liver is fat burning organ and the water will keep it functioning.

4. Stop Cycling:

Although cycling is good cardio, it does very little to reverse the aging process.

5. Work Out Less:

You do need to work out so that you won’t lose muscle tissue every year. The secret to the success is resistance training.

Have a Flawless Wedding Makeup

1. Less is More.

Remember this golden rule. Even if there may be some makeup artists who advise that wearing more than the usual makeup is what will give your features emphasis on camera, don’t get easily swayed. According to Westman, lesser foundation is the way to go because the high definition cameras we have today captures caked-on makeup.

For your eyes, cheeks and lips, it’s best to wear the makeup which makes you feel most confident and at ease. So if you’re used to neutral lippies, don’t wear a bold color on your wedding day. However, if you’ve always been known for your luscious red lips, then by all means, wear it as you take your wedding vows.

2. Make a Perfect Canvas.

A bridal look needs to achieve a luminous effect. Of course, light foundation and concealers are your basic makeup gears; however, don’t neglect that highlights can do. If just placed well, it can really make your skin glow. Westman recommends a pearlescent highlight if you have fair skin and a warmer or golden shade for darker tones. Employ highlighter in the lower waterlines as well as your eye’s inner corners, on the cupid’s bow, on bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones and chin and above the upper lip so that your features will look flattering under the lights.

3. Select Makeup that Lasts Long.

Weddings last for a maximum 4 hours. From your dressing, ceremony, reception and dancing. You’ll want to wear makeup that will last through the whole series of events, along with the crying, kissing and hugging people. Opt for color stay products and for lips, select stain or long wearing lipsticks that come with moisturizers. For your skin, employ powder eye shadow in place of cream highlighter as this has more lasting effect.

MakeUp for Women in 40s

1. Keep in mind that Less is More.

As you age, what makes you look attractive is actually an understated look. The goal is to look more naturak; hence, you need to tone your makeup down. If you used to apply quite a lot of concealer or foundation, it’s time to do the opposite now. To make both lighter, try mixing it with a little moisturizer.

Your skin texture also changes as you get older. If you’re wearing heavy makeup, it will most likely settle on your fine lines and pores, making them look all the more prominent. Don’t use too much eyeliner as this makes you look even more old.

2. Glitter is a No-No.

While it may have been great during your 20’s to early 30’s it can only make you look harsh now at the age of 40 and up. So whether you’re applying eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, stick to natural colors.

3. Don’t Buy Youthful Looking Products.

There are certain colors that suit every age. For example, bright colors look great on teenagers but really awful on adult women. Refrain from wearing bright eyeshadows or mascara and replace them with natural tones of black or brown.