Cute Nail Design

1. Half-Moon Nails

These consist of leaving the half moon at the base of the nail bare, while designing and coordinating the colors above it. Colors that compliment each other are vital in giving the utmost effect, for examples, blues with blue tones or silver, or in contrast red with red tones or gold. These are simply color schemes, but leave the Half-moon bare.

2. Floral Nails

These can be designed by choosing the preferred base color. While you can apply decals that are floral, it is just as simple to add daisies or other similar flowers that can be completed on top of the base coat by means of simple dots and streaks. They are gorgeous attention grabbers.

3. Glitter Nails

Very simple and effective. By choosing a coordinating base-coat, you are able to choose a glitter topping that will accent the base coat and your clothing color scheme as well. You are free to choose whatever colors you like, which will allow you to showcase your style and personality.

While many designs now days may be done with air-brushed techniques, it is very important to remember that you are able to design your finger and toenails with quick originality and use it as an expression of self. As you gain more confidence in this area, feel free to begin to experiment with air guns, decals, and other original ideas at they fit the message you are trying to spread. You will find manicure and pedicure work done by yourself and to your expectations is far more pleasing and less expensive than to go to the salon.