Have a Flawless Wedding Makeup

1. Less is More.

Remember this golden rule. Even if there may be some makeup artists who advise that wearing more than the usual makeup is what will give your features emphasis on camera, don’t get easily swayed. According to Westman, lesser foundation is the way to go because the high definition cameras we have today captures caked-on makeup.

For your eyes, cheeks and lips, it’s best to wear the makeup which makes you feel most confident and at ease. So if you’re used to neutral lippies, don’t wear a bold color on your wedding day. However, if you’ve always been known for your luscious red lips, then by all means, wear it as you take your wedding vows.

2. Make a Perfect Canvas.

A bridal look needs to achieve a luminous effect. Of course, light foundation and concealers are your basic makeup gears; however, don’t neglect that highlights can do. If just placed well, it can really make your skin glow. Westman recommends a pearlescent highlight if you have fair skin and a warmer or golden shade for darker tones. Employ highlighter in the lower waterlines as well as your eye’s inner corners, on the cupid’s bow, on bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones and chin and above the upper lip so that your features will look flattering under the lights.

3. Select Makeup that Lasts Long.

Weddings last for a maximum 4 hours. From your dressing, ceremony, reception and dancing. You’ll want to wear makeup that will last through the whole series of events, along with the crying, kissing and hugging people. Opt for color stay products and for lips, select stain or long wearing lipsticks that come with moisturizers. For your skin, employ powder eye shadow in place of cream highlighter as this has more lasting effect.