Jojoba Oil

The conference held at the University of Arizona in 1986 started the hype about the applications and benefits from the oil of the jojoba plant. The seed undergoes extraction procedure so that the essential oil may be obtained. It is to be noted that even the bean through which the seeds are sourced out has beneficial health effects. The chemical compound known as Leptin which is present in the bean reduces the body’s desire for food. This is why it is popular among weight loss enthusiasts. It also has HDL which is good for the regulation of blood pressure.

One of the most interesting things now is that if labels of health and wellness products will be examined, it is normal to find this oil among the ingredients list. Examples of these products are face creams, anti-wrinkle rubs, herbal ointments, hair and skin moisturizers, acne solutions, and more.

However, there is an issue that might alarm consumers. The seed of jojoba plant can have toxicity levels that are considered fatal to mammals. In fact, minute amounts of wax obtained from it have the power of a laxative. The good news is that the harmful effect would manifest only when the said plant part is consumed or ingested in unusually large quantities.

Jojoba oil has properties that make it ideal for both industrial and health applications. Monoester carbon compounds present in it gives it a power comparable to diesel during combustion. Nowadays, people are more focused on the health applications of this type of oil.